In an effort to help you easily obtain answers to your key questions, we’ve listed our most requested questions organizations ask us below. If your question is not addressed on this page or within the Grant Guidelines or Funding Request sections, please contact us.

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Q. How often do you have board meetings/funding periods?


Q: What are your funding strategies?

Q: Does the Stacy Foundation fund individuals or scholarships for individuals?

Q. Does the Stacy Foundation fund churches?

Q. Does the Foundation fund disaster relief or emergency efforts?

Q. Is the Stacy Foundation willing to be a sustaining donor?

Q: Do I need to have a prior connection with someone at Stacy Foundation to receive a grant?

Q. May we meet with someone at the Foundation?

Q. When can I submit a proposal?

Q. What is the timing for submitting a grant application?

Q. How much money should we request?

Q. How long does it take after I submit my application before someone contacts me in relation to my funding request?

Q. My grant application was declined. Can I submit another grant application during the next review period?

Q. How often can I apply for funding?

Q. We received funding in the past from the Foundation. Do we still need to submit a grant application?

Q. Is an evaluation required if additional funding is proposed?